Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Two Very Simple Tyger's Cub Texts

Mistress Leonete d'Angely asked me this weekend to draft two very simple Tyger's Cub (youth award) texts, suitable for being worked on by two 11-year old students of hers.   Her wish is, of course, my command.

[first name] the King and [first name] the Queen to our faithful [recipient name].  Word has reached our ears that you bear yourself with grace and courtesy and have enriched our Kingdom with your deeds.  Because we value such things highly, we hereby endow you with the Order of the Tyger's Cub, so that all may know your worth.  Done upon [date] at [place where event is].


By [first name] the King.  By [first name] the Queen.  Let it be known to all persons who see or hear these words that we find much that is good and noble in our subject [recipient name].  So that everyone may know the esteem in which we hold the said [recipient's first name], we hereby endow [him/her] with the Order of the Tyger's Cub.  Done upon [date] at [place where event is].

Both of these can easily be modified to add more detail if appropriate.   In the first, after the words "with your deeds," insert "most especially _________" and then describe something notable the person did or does.   You can do a similar thing after the first [recipient name] in the second text.

Another way to add more detail and personalization is to add a sentence giving the recipient permission to wear the badger of the Order upon his or her person.  The Tyger's Cub badge is blazoned: Or, a tyger sejant azure, its forepaws resting on a torteau.

Finally, you can expand these texts (or really, any text) by endowing the recipient not only with the award, but with "all rights and privileges appertaining thereto."

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