Saturday, September 23, 2017

Simple Text for King's or Queen's Cypher

With many Crowns deciding to give out scrolls rather than tokens as their Cyphers, I've been asked several times how such scrolls should be worded.   Obviously, a personalized text is ideal, but since Cyphers are often done on very very short notice, here is an example that can be personalized if there is time:

[King's first name/Queen's first name], to all those whom these present letters shall see or shall hear, greetings.  Considering the manifold labors and travails that we have charged our servant [recipient] to undertake in our name and for the greater glory of our person; and the said [recipient's first name] having borne such burdens with constancy, faith, honor, fortitude and forbearance; We are therefore moved to bestow upon the said [recipient's firest name] our Cypher.  Done upon this [date], in the [number] year of the Society, at [place].

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