Friday, September 22, 2017

Still more simple AoA texts

By [King's first name] the King and [Queen's first name] the Queen.  To our faithful [recipient], right trusty and well-beloved we greet you well.   Know that your actions, deeds and labors on behalf of the realm find great favor in our sight. Therefore, as symbol and token of your merit, we do by these present letters award you Arms as follows: [blazon].  Done upon [date] in [place].


[King's first name], King of the East, and [Queen's first name] his Queen, to all to whom the present letters shall come, greetings and every good thing.  Let it be known to all that our subject [recipient] is of good and noble character, and has distinguished him/herself by good works.  That these good works be not forgotten, we do now Award unto the said [recipient's first name] such Arms as are just fitting and proper: [blazon].  Enacted at [place] upon [date].


We, [King's first name] and [Queen's first name], King and Queen of the East, by advice and good deliberation of our council, find it meet to endow our servant [recipient] with such rewards as are just, fitting and proper for one of his/her nobility, bearing and good works.  Thus we do by these present letters award the said [recipient] Arms.  So ordered by our hand and signs manual upon [date] in [place].

Note:  These all assume that the recipient has a registered device.  If s/he does not, remove the reference to the blazon and substitute something like this sentence:

We further instruct [recipient's given name] to consult with our heralds forthwith to determine fitting Arms in metal and color.

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