Friday, September 22, 2017

Simple Text for a Silver Brooch (AoA-level arts)

Noble men of wise countenance have written that, while the body perishes, a work of art lives forever.[1]  Likewise, while memories may wither and fade, the written word endures.  Therefore, to honor the fine, excellent and eternal works of art created by [name],  We, [king and queen first names only], King and Queen of the East, by these present and ever-certain letters, do hereby invest and endow the said [first name] with the Order of the Silver Brooch.  Done upon [date] at [place].

If the person doesn't have an AoA yet, add the following sentence before the "Done upon. . . . "

And We do further Award the said [first name] Arms in the form following: [blazon]


And We do further Award the said [first name] with such Arms in metal and color as are fit for him/her to bear, and charge him/her to consult with our heralds forthwith.

[1]  "A beautiful body perishes, but a work of art dies not." - Leonardo da Vinci

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