Friday, September 22, 2017

Slightly longer texts for AoAs

For a recipient with a registered device:

[king's first name] the King and [queen's first name] the Queen: Inasmuch as We are charged, empowered and authorized to bestow honors upon those of Our subjects whose deeds are to the betterment of our populace; and inasmuch as our subject [recipient full name] has proven him/herself  to be fit and deserving of such honors as are within Our powers to bestow; We do now by these words and in the presence of such witnesses as are herein assembled, award to the said [recipient first name] Arms, in the form following:  [blazon].  Don upon this [day and month], in the [number] year of the Society, sitting on our thrones in [place].

For a recipient who has not yet registered a device:

[king's first name] Rex and [queen's first name] Regina, to all our faithful in the present and the future, greetings.  Having heard the petitions of our subjects concerning the good and worthy deeds of our subject [recipient], not least of which being [something notable s/he did], We do now by these present letters order and command that the said [recipient first name] be awarded Arms in metal and color, and further command him/her to consult with our heralds forthwith.  So that it be truly believed and held firmly in future times, we have signed the present charter with the subscription of our own hands upon [date], in [place].

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