Friday, September 22, 2017

Text for a Silver Wheel or Silver Crescent (or anything else service-oriented)

[King's first name] and [Queen's first name], King and Queen of the East, to all and singular unto whom these our letters shall come, greetings.  Forasmuch as [recipient's full name] has shown him/herself to be a good right and honorable man/lady given to hearty labors and untiring service, and forasmuch as his/her sundry works and labors have been made manifest to us by good report of our people, and forasmuch as we are charged by law and custom with bestowing honors upon those of our subjects who do such deeds, we do therefore bestow upon the said [recipient's given name only] the Order of the [name], the
which reward s/he shall enjoy from this day forward unhindered and inviolate.  Done upon [day] [month] in the [number] year of the Society, in [local group].

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