Friday, September 22, 2017

Texts for a Court Barony (with a Grant of Arms)

By [King's given name] the King.  By [Queen's given name] the Queen.   Know that our faithful [recipient] has rendered good, valuable and notable services for the benefit of ourselves and our realm.  Therefore, that these good deeds will not be forgotten, by these present letters, we do give, grant and confirm unto the said [recipient's] the status and renown of a Baron/ess of our Court.  And we do further, by our will, grant the said [recipient's first name] arms in the form following: [blazon], to be borne by him/her hereafter freely, fully, wholly, honorably, well and in peace. Done upon [date] in the [number] year of the Society, in [place]. 


Let it be it known to the present age and to future generations of Our subjects, that We, [King's given name] and [Queen's given name], Rex et Regina, find [recipient] to be deserving of such honors and tokens as are within Our singular authority to bestow, most especially in the matter of [something the recipient has done].   Therefore, in recognition of said deeds, and wishing always to acknowledge the said [recipient's given name]'s worth, and for the love we bear him/her, We do by these present letters elevate the said [recipient's given name] to the estate of a Baron/ess of our Court and do further Grant unto the said [given name only] Arms fit to reflect his/her new station, the said arms being: [blazon].  We have caused the present letters to be marked with our ensigns manual upon [day] [month] in the [number] year of the Society, in [local group].

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