Friday, September 22, 2017

Simple Text for a Silver Tyger (AoA-level heavy list)

Whereas the practice of the arts martial is a good, noble and worthy pursuit; and Whereas [name] excels in those arts and applies them in honorable defense of our realm; Therefore, We [king and queen's given names only], King and Queen of the East, do hereby invest and endow the said [given name] with the Order of the Silver Tyger, to have and hold in perpetuity.  Done upon [date] at [place of event].

You can replace "Whereas" with "Forasmuch as" if you like F as a initial capital better than W

If the person doesn't have an AoA yet, add the following sentence before the "Done upon. . . . "

And We do further Award the said [first name] Arms in the form following: [blazon]


And We do further Award the said [first name] with such Arms in metal and color as are fit for him/her to bear, and charge him/her to consult with our heralds forthwith.

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